Judging Hillary

No figure is more polarizing than Hillary Rodham Clinton—or more misrepresented.

God's Harvard

In my personal evangelical heyday back in the Reagan 1980s, one measure of zeal for my college crowd was our willingness to do evangelism among total strangers.

Compass of Affection/Short Trip to the Edge/Love's Immensity

At a time when some Westerners are rediscovering the theological riches of the Christian East, others scratch their heads at Orthodoxy, bewildered by a tradition laden with monks, Mary

Books to argue with

Sometimes it’s the books we disagree with that make the biggest impact on us: we find ourselves locked in argument with the author or continually returning to the book because its flaws help us clarify our own thoughts. We asked several people to identify a book with which they have serious, respectful, ongoing arguments.

After the Baby Boomers

A wise friend of mine says, “The plural of anecdote is not data.” Robert Wuthnow would agree. He brings the eye of the sociologist to the life of the church and gives us insights that sometimes confirm but often confound our anecdotes.