Liberty of Conscience: InDefense ofAmerica’s Tradition of ReligiousEquality

My university had long used students’ Social Security numbers as a means of identification on class attendance sheets, financial aid forms and campus ID cards. It was a convenient practice.

Approaching Yehud: NewApproaches to the Study of the Persian Period

Before considering the specific content of this book, it is useful to recognize the importance of its having been published at all.

The Way Is Made by Walking: A Pilgrimage Along the Camino de Santiago

Erasmus, writing in the early 16th century, provided a scathing critique of the waning, often abusive practice of Christian pilgrimage in his day.


Barbara Blodgett, director of supervised ministries at Yale Divinity School, has written what may be the best book yet on the crucial issue of pastoral trust. She defines trust as an act, a practice, something that we choose to do in relationship. But she doesn’t rely only on abstract definitions.

Exiles: A Novel

With each novel, Ron Hansen takes considerable risks, whether in exploring new geographical and cultural settings, modeling characters on historical figures or probing the depths of religious experience.