Preachers and Misfits, Prophets and Thieves: The Minister in Southern Fiction

In Martin Clark’s novel Plain Heathen Mischief, the Reverend Joel King has a problem that is endemic not only to southern preachers but to pastors in general: “The trick, Joel came to realize, was how to differentiate between heaven-sent persuasion and his own wish list, how to separate holy mar

Back to Darwin: A Richer Account of Evolution

In June 1858 Charles Darwin received a letter accompanied by a 15-page manuscript from Alfred Russell Wallace, a fellow naturalist, with the request that Darwin review the manuscript for possible publication.

A missing argument

The author, who teaches preaching and worship at Bethany Theological Seminary, Richmond, Indiana, brings a preacher’s sensitivity to the first Gospel.

Devout racism

In the early 1900s an Englishman made his way across the American South. William Archer ventured by train and on horseback, observing the region’s peculiar folkways. He met with leading men, Booker T.

Race: A Theological Account

J. Kameron Carter’s book on race was published in the auspicious year of 2008, when Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. It could not have come at a better time.