Believe it or not

If you are, as I am, often puzzled by the landscape of contemporary religious belief and unbelief, you will regard Charles Taylor’s huge and hugely rewarding intellectual history of the secularization of European and North American culture as a marvelous gift.

In Constant Prayer

One day when he was nearly 40 years old, Robert Benson stumbled onto the prayer cycle known as the daily office, and since then his life has never been the same. The daily office, he has written, is “the one true thing that has come to matter to me the most.”

The Century recommends

Since the Reagan era, a version of supply-side economics that is persuasive only to fringe economists and to right-wing editorial writers has shaped debate over public policy.

A sustainable world

In some ways The Bridge at the Edge of the World is a confession, from someone who has been a leader in the environmental movement for many years.

Absence of thought

Susan Jacoby is a formidable social critic who writes from a progressive stance and in an accessible style.