Light from Heaven

You think your church has problems? Imagine your church building closing and your denomination telling you that it can’t afford to fund a pastor. Imagine trying then to keep alive the vision of a vital congregation and taking on the cleaning and maintenance of the building while you wait—for 40 years.

CC recommends

Two families begin a friendship when each adopts a Korean daughter. The Donaldsons, long established in the U.S., and the Yazdans, whose parents immigrated from Iran, mirror Tyler’s own history.

Letter to a Christian Nation

There is something charmingly quaint about Sam Harris’s new book, Letter to a Christian Nation. If not for religious belief, he says, this country would be pouring resources into such worthy efforts to alleviate suffering as stem cell research, not indulging in hand-wringing over preposterous moral qualms about the destruction of embryos.

Living the Sermon on the Mount

Early in his introduction, Glen Stassen asks why a book on the Sermon on the Mount belongs in Jossey-Bass’s series called Enduring Questions in Christian Life. The Sermon on the Mount is indeed an enduring question as well as a central biblical text.