Olive Kitteridge

Many of the main characters in Elizabeth Strout’s Pulitzer Prize–winning novel are old, and like aging itself, this book is not for wimps.

Social Ethics in the Making: Interpreting an American Tradition

Is Christianity relevant? Can it help us understand and resolve the social, economic, political and cultural problems that beset us?

Take and read

Few biblical scholars at work today combine Allison’s extensive learning, personal modesty and refreshing honesty. In this study he attempts to reconcile his theological commitments and his historical reconstruction.

The Ugly Laws: Disability in Public

When I first moved to one of California’s beautiful seaside cities, a friend from a less self-consciously glamorous part of the country asked as she watched the young and fit lounging on the grass under palm trees, “Where are all the ugly people?” The question tapped depths she hardly dreamed of.

The Future of Faith

Harvey Cox is nothing if not nimble. His 1965 book, The Secular City: Secularization and Urbanization in The ological Perspective, will forever be Exhibit A for the “Christ of Culture” perspective outlined in H. Richard Niebuhr’s typology. Later, however, Cox was forced to reconsider the alignment between faith and secular culture.