Augustine and the Jews: A Christian Defense of Jews and Judaism

I remember once defending the doctrine of divine immutability to a renowned New Testament scholar at an academic conference. I was a graduate student at the time, and had not yet decided that I would work on Augustine’s biblical exegesis for my dissertation.

A. Lincoln: A Biography

Americans who have been living under a large, soundproof rock for the past year or so may be forgiven for not knowing that February marked the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The rest of us have no excuse, and the nation’s publishers have certainly done their part to ensure that no aspect of the 16th president’s life is overlooked.

Take and read

Reynolds combines a profound and wide-ranging rethinking of Christian theology from the perspective of disability with piercingly honest reflections on his experience as the father of a son with disabilities.

Shadow Country

Rarely do you get to use sweeping words like epic and masterpiece and staggering, or to say that a book will be in print in America as long as there is an America, but here I fling these claims around with confidence.

Introducing Moral Theology: True Happiness and the Virtues

What counts as the good life? What constitutes happiness? What do we really need in order to flourish as human beings? Many of us would associate these questions with the late-night conversations we love to have with friends or the subjects we explore together on long afternoon walks.