De Waal has written frequently on Bene dictine spirituality (Seeking God, Living with Contradiction) as well as Celtic spirituality (The Celtic Way of Prayer). This time she focuses on the prologue to the Rule of St.

Your Spirits Walk Beside Us: The Politics of Black Religion

For a brief moment in the early months of 2008, Americans cared about the connections between African-American religion and politics. Segments of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons were splashed all over television and computer screens.

The Nazis' Jesus

Jesus is Christianity’s burning bush. His presence beckons to his followers in each generation, calling them to stand before him fully present and attentive to the rule and realm of God brought near in each encounter with the neighbor.

Reading the Hebrew Bible After the Shoah: Engaging Holocaust Theology

In the film The Reader, Kate Winslet, playing an SS guard accused of great brutality, says to her meaning-seeking erstwhile partner, “Nothing comes out of the camps.” He wants to have a relationship that can restore their former joy, but in her emptiness she resists.

A People's History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story

Although Diana Butler Bass doesn’t refer to Jaroslav Pelikan’s definition of tradition—“the living faith of the dead”—her People’s History is a reflection of that definition.