World of Faith and Freedom: Why International Religious Liberty Is Vital to American National Security

President Barack Obama couldn’t have been more explicit in his inaugural address. Moments into his young presidency, the Democrat let Muslims know that he wants to work with them to bring stability to the world.

Words for worship

De Waal has written frequently on Bene dictine spirituality (Seeking God, Living with Contradiction) as well as Celtic spirituality (The Celtic Way of Prayer). This time she focuses on the prologue to the Rule of St.

Your Spirits Walk Beside Us: The Politics of Black Religion

For a brief moment in the early months of 2008, Americans cared about the connections between African-American religion and politics. Segments of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons were splashed all over television and computer screens.

Falwell Inc.: Inside a Religious, Political, Educational, and Business Empire

On a recent visit to Lynchburg, I discovered the Liberty Channel on cable TV.