Real Good Church, by Molly Phinney Baskette

First Church in Somerville, Massachusetts, went from an attendance of 35 to 130 in ten years, with as many as 350 people showing up for Easter. In a chatty, somewhat repetitive manner, Baskette shares the many little things the church did to turn things around.

The Nonviolent God, by J. Denny Weaver

J. Denny Weaver is steadfast in his conviction that any conception of God found in the Bible must first be compared to the person of Christ himself.

Untamed Jesus

In these short talks, Gerhard Lohfink revisits themes from Jesus and Community. His account of Jesus is determinatively eschatological.

The Devil Likes to Sing, by Thomas J. Davis

The Devil Likes to Sing is laugh-out-loud funny at places and clever throughout. It’s the story of Timothy McFarland, a student at University of Chicago Divinity School. After failing to get a dissertation approved, he hangs around Hyde Park, Chicago, developing a career as a writer of schmaltzy gift books.

Friday Was the Bomb, by Nathan Deuel

Nathan Deuel shows us things few readers will have seen or guessed at. His stories take us places that are familiar yet unknown.