Shepherd: A Memoir, by Richard Gilbert

Ever since his father lost the family farm when he was a child, Gilbert dreamed of owning his own farm. He got that chance when his wife took a job at Ohio University, and he got a job in marketing for the university press. He got off to a rocky start at farming. The locals looked on him as an outsider, and some tried to take advantage of him.

A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren

Warren weaves together her life story with an analysis of what is wrong with the country’s economic system. Raised by an Oklahoma maintenance man and a telephone operator, she went on to become an expert in bankruptcy law, a Harvard professor, a White House assistant who helped design the Consumer Financial Protection Board, and a senator from Massachusetts.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come, by Todd S. Purdum

Todd Purdum's work of journalistic history on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is ultimately a story about politicians doing the right thing.

Christians killing Christians

Philip Jenkins vividly synthesizes a specialized historiography: World War I as a global religious conflict.