All My Puny Sorrows, by Miriam Toews

Fall books

This is a book about deep, protracted, unrelenting sadness, and it knows it.

White Elephants on Campus, by Margaret M. Grubiak

Margaret Grubiak thinks elite university chapels have become white elephants. But some of them are cash cows—and all of them still speak.

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White—Who’s More Precious in God’s Sight? by Leroy Barber

Racism in missions didn’t end with colonialism. Barber shows how it continues to persist, especially in urban missions. People of color in missions are often not given positions of authority. When they have their own mission organizations, they are often deprived of funding. Racism and classism surface especially when white suburban congregations do trips in urban areas.

Creation ex amore

Ian McFarland's book on the doctrine of creation is a book about nothing. It has a lot to say about it.