Nine Essential Things I’ve Learned about Life, by Harold S. Kushner

When Kushner began his vocation as a rabbi, he soon discovered that the members of his synagogue were asking questions he had not encountered in seminary. This awakening led to a reorientation of his faith away from a “command and obey” religion to one of seeing how the ways of God add meaning and depth to life.

Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an atheist. But perhaps his atheism is precisely the kind that Christians in America need.

Afterwar, by Nancy Sherman

Nancy Sherman's message is clear: society must understand the totality of human experiences of war, including their moral dimensions.

A Philosophical Walking Tour with C. S. Lewis, by Stewart Goetz

Stewart Goetz’s book is provocative and carefully argued. But I am puzzled as to why the ordinary reader of C. S. Lewis would be worried about the road not taken.

Delight in preaching

Six books on the craft and its purpose

My sixth-grade sex ed teacher held up a worksheet and apologized: “I know this is sort of unromantic.” Books on preaching can leave us similarly cold.