Old Testament

Take & read

Dangerous Sisters of the Hebrew Bible, by Amy Kalmanofsky. Scripture’s dearth of accounts of interfemale relationships is one of its oft-lamented lacunae. Inter­preters interested in ancient women’s lives must extract all they can from a handful of passages.

The Paradox of Generosity, by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson

Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson's book is a tale of two ways of life: with generosity and without.

Doing the Math of Mission, by Gil Rendle

To the old debate about faithfulness versus effectiveness in ministry, Rendle offers another possibility: fruitfulness. But to ascertain whether leaders and congregations are fruitful, some form of measurement is needed.

Progressive Evangelicals and the Pursuit of Social Justice, by Brantley W. Gasaway

Brantley Gasaway contends that the progressive evangelical movement "stands as strong as ever." Which is to say, not very strong at all.

The Great Reformer, by Austen Ivereigh

Austen Ivereigh's book on Francis has caused some controversy. It's also the most important biography of Jorge Mario Bergoglio yet published.