Why This Jubilee? by James C. Howell

How easy it is for Christians to sing hymns without pondering the meaning of the texts. Howell encourages us to slow down and take notice. For each week of Advent, he provides meditations on the texts of Advent hymns and Christmas carols, including some secular songs, to prepare readers for the coming of Christmas and to ponder the meaning of the incarnation.

Strangers No More, by Richard Alba and Nancy Foner

The strangers of Richard Alba and Nancy Foner's title are mainly low-status immigrants and their children. The timeliness of their book is indisputable.

Working-class Christians

According to Heath Carter, working people have been some of Christianity's most important theological innovators.

Running to the Fire, by Tim Bascom

Tim Bascom experienced a revolution through a teenager's sensibility. But despite the great material this provides, his memoir has a plodding feel.

Do No Harm, by Henry Marsh

Reading about Henry Marsh’s vocation to neurosurgery, I thought about my own calling as a minister. I was startled by his depiction of detachment from patients.