An Illustrated Guide to the Holy Land for Tour Groups, Students, and Pilgrims, by Lamontte M. Luker

This pocket-size book is a good aid for anyone visiting the sites in Israel and the West Bank with biblical significance. Luker, a professor of the Hebrew scriptures at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, acknowledges that the current political situation in the area is fraught with minefields.

David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell

I'm delighted that Malcolm Gladwell has rediscovered his Christian faith. But I worry that David and Goliath is like the Bob Dylan album Saved.

The Antidote, by Oliver Burkeman

If positive thinking leaves you cold, Oliver Burkeman's The Antidote will be just what the title promises.

The executioner’s return

The U.S. is the only Western democracy that retains the death penalty. Evan Mandery tells the story of the long legal campaign against it.