Sunday, October 30, 2011

Micah 3:5–12

African-American mystic and spiritual leader Howard Thurman recalls being caught in a summer thunderstorm as a young boy. As he filled his bucket and mouth with delicious berries and plunged deeper into the forest, he neglected to notice the storm that was forming on the horizon. Then he heard crashes of thunder. Suddenly he realized that he was lost. With darkness enveloping him, he panicked and began to run. Then he remembered a bit of family wisdom: when you're lost, stop and be still, then look around and listen. Young Thur­man stood still, observing the lightning strikes illuminating the landscape—looking left then right, backward and then forward. At last he saw something familiar. With each new lightning strike, he walked a few paces closer to his destination until he found his way home, guided by the storm that had frightened him.


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