David Fitzsimmons, the Arizona Star

Century Marks

Defiant Jesus: The miracles of Jesus weren’t so much demonstrations of power as acts of protest, says Toby Jones (The Way of Jesus, Resource Publications). Many of Jesus’ miracles were performed in defiance of the Levitical holiness code: a person with leprous skin should be declared ceremonially unclean and live outside the camp (Lev. 13), yet Jesus touched a man with leprosy and made him whole (Luke 5). Anyone who has a physical defect was disqualified from coming to make an offering to God (Lev. 21), yet Jesus welcomed such people and healed many of them. The holiness code convinced people “that the only way to please God was to separate and remove themselves from whatever was dirty, common, undesirable, or sinful. Jesus came to set them and to set us straight.”


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