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The Nativity Story

So where does Jesus ever say, “I’m the Son of God”? My cabdriver was pressing me as we careened through the streets of Birmingham on the way to the airport. “The Gospel of John?” I replied limply.

“Come on! Late gospel, you know that. Stick with the synoptics! Where does Jesus himself ever say that he was born of a virgin, that he was God incarnate?” My driver continued his Muslim exam of my evidence for the incarnation. I had been crazy to admit to this Pakistani cabdriver that I was a minister.

He had a point. That God Almighty should become flesh and move in with us is the strangest of all affirmations of faith. Many other faiths are willing to walk with Christians a long way, but part company when it comes to the incarnation. Jesus Christ, fully God, fully human? Chalcedonian Christianity is as tough to sustain today as ever.


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