Influential dozen seek to help Democrats bridge 'God gap'

Reframing America's debate over moral values
At a meeting of the House Democrats’ Faith Working Group, a perplexed member of Congress turned to his colleagues for pastoral guidance. How could he counter a local preacher who argued that all Jesus’ moral teachings were about the world to come, not the here and now?

Representative David Price (D., N.C.) stood amid the sympathetic sighs and “you can’t convert everyone” comments to offer a new spin on an old parable:

Walking down a road, the Good Samaritan encounters and cares for a stranger who has been beaten and robbed, Price said. The next day, on the same road, another person is beaten and robbed. So it goes for another week—more robberies, more victims.

“How long is it going to take before the Samaritan says, ‘Hey, maybe we ought to patrol this road,’” Price said. In other words, he argued, there are some problems that individuals can’t solve on their own. They require the resources of a morally responsible government.


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