Whose casserole?

John 6:51-58

When my daughter was in grade school, her teacher included a unit on table manners. The rule that amused me was, “When served food, you should never ask, ‘What is this?’”

I don’t think I’ve asked that question aloud, but I’ve certainly thought it, especially at potlucks. What is this gray casserole? I can anticipate its quality if I can identify the cook, as one often can in smaller churches.

In John 6, Jesus alludes to the Israelites in the immediate post-Exodus days. As they proceed on their journey, the people despair over the wilderness and long for the plenty of Egypt. They search three days for drinkable water, only to find a bitter spring. They travel farther and still cannot find food. God has promised them a wonderful land, but this definitely isn’t it.


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