Multiple Martys

On September 19, 1896, Martin Marty (no relation), brother of Martin Marty (no relation), died. His remains were reburied on September 19 of this year. The first burial took place in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and the second both in St. Cloud and in St. Meinrad, Indiana. To explain:

The two 19th-century Marty brothers both entered monastic life. One carried his baptismal name into the monastery. The second had been baptized Joseph Melchoir Alois Marty but took on the name “Martin” when he entered the Order of St. Benedict (O.S.B.) at the great monastery at Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Having two Martin Martys in one nuclear family confused many. By the way, another Martin Marty (no relation), a Zuricher, made pilgrimages with his wife to a chapel at Einsiedeln to pray for my first wife during her terminal illness. By now you get the plot: Martys like to name their sons Martin.


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