Ordained by baptism

When the "Thou" transcends the rules
Testimony, not advocacy, is my intent in this first foray into a subject about which church bodies argue: the “blessing of gay marriage/unions” and “ordination to clergy status” of men and women in committed homosexual partnerships. Let me separate the two. The “blessing” item is now part of presidential politics, a subject M.E.M.O never touches. But the “ordination” motif is focal in the Body of Christ, and is not the business of the unregenerate.

Impressed by my own church body’s fair-minded materials but dismayed by the heat of the arguments here as in all churches, from Roman Catholic to Anabaptist, I lapse into a wishing mode. I wish we could start this one all over, this time dealing with it not only as what Martin Buber would call an “I-It” dispute but in a conversational “I-Thou” form.


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