No longer welcome

Cracking down on immigrants
You and the alien shall be alike before the Lord. You and the alien who resides with you shall have the same law and the same ordinance.
(Num. 15:15b-16, NRSV)

Like many young Pakistanis, Khalid Faiz-Mohammad believed he could make a better life for himself in America. On his first attempt to get into the country, in 1988, he was caught, deported and barred from returning for one year.

Back in Pakistan, Kahalid met Taby, a Pakistan-born woman who was visiting from the U.S., where she was a legal resident. Khalid waited the required year, and then came back to the U.S. He married Taby and settled in a Chicago suburb. The couple had a daughter, Rabeal, who is now 11. Khalid has been a devoted husband and father and a law-abiding member of his community. A cab driver, he has never received even a traffic ticket.


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