Spring books


Our spring books issue's reviews include Deanna Thompson on Sharon Baker, Walter Brueggemann on Mary Boys, John Haught on Elizabeth Johnson, and more.

Keeping the church weird

“These old buildings are well made and historic,” my real estate agent friend interjected. “Surely we can think of new uses for them.”

My fear of the cross

As a child I was terrified of crucifixes. Even the empty crosses I saw in my father’s Lutheran church gave me shivers.

Thunderous yes

Preaching to the Easter crowds

Our guests know that resurrection defies logic. That is why they come sidling through our doors—every one of them comes hoping for it.

Ministry in the 21st century

What is pastoral ministry like these days, and how is it being shaped in new ways? The Century talked to pastors about the challenges and surprises of their early years in ministry.