Beautiful Love, by Paulinho Garcia

June 5, 2014

Paulinho Garcia—one of the most versatile and skilled Brazilian musicians in the Midwest—lives up to his album title. His nylon-stringed guitar playing is angelic, and his voice is cappuccino smooth. Garcia sings mostly in English, as on the sprightly 1937 standard “That Old Feeling” and the plaintive “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” But there are a few treats in Portuguese on this 15-song disc, such as the album closer “Casinha Pequenina” (“Tiny House”), a bossa-flavored heartbreaker about love that blooms and dies.



Often I've used lyrics to underscore patristic and biblical ideas, as in - we're restless until we find our rest in Him (St. Augustine). In this video we have the beauty of theology and art intersecting, a focus also well-done by Jeremy Begbie, Cambridge and Duke. His specialty is piano and composition.
Rowan Williams in his poem "Bach for the Cello" begins, "By mathematics we shall come to heaven." Anyone who loves Bach's "Air on the G String" surely must gasp ( and grasp) in appreciation at this perception.
Chinnawong's "Open to the Spirit" in the review "Painting Pentecost" (Christian Century) I've found a great collateral insight to my biblical concept of Pentecost.
These aesthetic moments surely help us to agree with, rather than lead us away from, the classic Q & A exchange when Ellen Davis, Duke Divinity, answered after her lecture to the nursing students at VTS :
Q. Do you believe the Bible is literal ?
A. I will answer in this way, I believe the Bible is true.
Going back to Paulinho Garcia's vocal reference to "broken dreams," we can remember the gospel song,"People need the Lord....At the end of broken dreams, He's the open door" (Nelson/ McHugh).
That brings us to "wit's end" scriptures, and the great invitation of John 3:16. Then the Great Commission.
"That old feeling" (Fain/ Garcia) is new.