New today: The rare blessing of a benediction, blogging the lectionary, how we honor Muslims who stand up to terror

July 21, 2016

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Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 138; Esther 3:7-15Acts 2:22-36

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Mary Magdalene (Lutheran, Episcopal, and Catholic calendars), Lawrence of BrindisiMieczysław Halka Ledóchowski

New today from the Century

Worth the wait, by Joanna Harader. As a child, I followed the order of worship in the bulletin, mentally checking off each item. My eyes were on the prize.

Sunday's Coming: Paul's clean slate, by Michael Fick. In Paul's mystical meanderings, he doesn't ground his hope in the things that humans do (or don't do) in response to tradition, social pressure, or threats.

How we honor Muslims who stand up to terror, by Robert Satloff. Last Friday in Tunis, people of various faiths, nationalities, and ethnicities came together to consecrate a “Garden of the Righteous” to honor the memory of Muslims who risked and gave their lives to save others.

"To stop whiteness from trembling," by Joanna Harader. Pharaoh trembled at the growing Hebrew population; at the thought that these slaves might realize their oppression and realize their power.

A brief review of Roots and Sky, by Christie Purifoy

Miraculum,” a poem by Brian Doyle

In the news

How #ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire used Facebook to shut down Zimbabwe

In the CCblogs network 

Singing peace, by Tripp Hudgins


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