New today: At the threshold, the true eccentric, the spiritual-and-maybe-religious Dylan

May 24, 2016

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 124; Daniel 1:1-21Luke 1:46b-55

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Bede (Episcopal calendar), Gregory VIIMary Magdalene de Pazzi (Catholic calendar), Gerard of Lunel, Philip Neri, Daniel Ernst JablonskiWilliam Paley

New today from the Century

At the threshold, by Martha-Lynn Corner. The priest faces inward, toward liturgy and the sacraments. The layperson faces outward, toward everything else—everything.

The true eccentric, by Peter W. Marty. An eccentric existence is one where God forms the center of life, becoming the axle of our self-understanding.

The spiritual-and-maybe-religious Dylan, by Steve Thorngate. Dylan's vast songbook boasts (among many other things) a rich moral vision and a solid biblical vocabulary.

Marlowe’s ghost among American atheists, by Kyle A. Thomas. Atheism’s perceived danger to the American socio-cultural fabric lies in the inability to point atheists out. In the American imagination, this makes them very good at functioning as spies.

Exile: extinction and survival, by Kristin Berkey-Abbott. Exile can teach us what is important, what we value. We see this trajectory in the Assyrian and Babylonian exiles of the ancient Israelites.

In the news

Tunisian party of Arab Spring renounces political Islam


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