New today: Take & read, Lawrence Wood reviews Mary Rakow, blogging the lectionary

April 28, 2016

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 67; Proverbs 2:6-8Acts 16:1-8

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Catherine of Siena (Lutheran, Episcopal, and Catholic calendars), Torpes of Pisa, Endelienta, Hugh of Cluny, Robert of MolesmeFrederick William

New today from the Century

Take & read. Our spring books issue includes scholars' recommendations of the best recently published books in Old Testament, theology, and ethics.

Lawrence Wood reviews Mary Rakow’s book This is Why I Came. The lines between sacred history and contemporary life are wonderfully, miraculously blurred.

Sunday's Coming: Lydia's leadership, by Emlyn A. Ott. I have always been intrigued by Lydia. Acts describes her as a worshiper of God, one whose heart has been opened, a dealer in purple cloth, and a woman willing to offer her home for others to stay.

Layers of John, by Robert Jenson. I find that the book which most fascinates me is the Gospel of John.

On restrooms, gender, and fear, by Emily C. Heath. Now is a kairos time in bathrooms. This is the time when we have to tell our stories, stories that maybe even our closest friends don’t know.

Voices of the arrested, by Laura Everett. The city is full of scripture, words that guide us closer to the one full of infinite compassion and perfect justice for the innocent and the guilty.

Jonathan Tran's ethics picks: Alice Crary, Scott W. Gustafson, and more

In the news

Refugees tell of broad political violence in Burundi


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