New today: Greg Carey reviews Michael J. Gorman, lectionary column, Doug Pagitt on our preaching podcast

April 4, 2016

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 122; Esther 8:1-17Revelation 2:8-11

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Pandita Mary Ramabai (Episcopal calendar), Vincent Ferrer (Catholic calendar), Eutychius, Ruadhán, Æthelburh, Gerald of Sauve-Majeure, Juliana of Liège, Samuel Wesley, Maria Crescentia Höss, Charles Freer Andrews, Mariano de la Mata, María Cristina Gómez

New today from the Century

Greg Carey reviews Michael J. Gorman’s book Becoming the Gospel. Theosis is mission’s starting point. Believers are called to “become” the gospel through participation in the divine life.

Lectionary column for April 24, by Emlyn A. Ott. Jesus uses both words and deeds to prepare his followers for his absence. Are the disciples watching for what it means to really, really love? Are we?

Episode 22 of Preachers on Preaching, a podcast with Matt Fitzgerald. Matt talks to Doug Pagitt, founder of Solomon’s Porch, about embracing contemporary culture, a participatory approach to preaching, and everyone acting like pastors.

Confusing grace, by John P. Leggett. Between us was a gift, a gift that we each believed the other had given. A gift that we each believed we had only received.

In the news

Israeli lawmakers vow to annul court ruling recognizing all Orthodox conversions

Aid groups respond to African drought, floods

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The Call of Ananias, by Diane Roth


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