New today: Mother and child within the cross, Walter Brueggemann reviews Will Stalder, lectionary column for Easter Sunday

March 9, 2016

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 126; Isaiah 43:1-7Philippians 2:19-24

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth (Lutheran calendar), John Ogilvie (Catholic calendar), Macarius of JerusalemSimplicius, Anastasia the Patrician, Agnes BlannbekinJohann Geiler von Kaisersberg, Balthasar HubmaierMarie-Eugénie de JésusGene Stoltzfus

New today from the Century

Within the cross, by Stephanie Paulsell. At the least-visited museum in Rome, a marble cross caught my attention. It depicts the Madonna and Child and the warm tangle of their intimacy.

Walter Brueggemann reviews Will Stalder’s Palestinian Christians and the Old Testament. The history of Palestinian Christian interpretation of the Old Testament reminds us of the nuanced, fragile nature of life in that region.

Lectionary column for Easter Sunday, by Shawnthea Moore. Luke grounds the resurrection narrative in tangible details: the rock-hewn tomb, the linen cloth, the heavy stone, the fragrant spices. The reader can imagine the place and time. Then things fall off the map.

Republican realignments, by Jason Jewell. It was the evening of Super Tuesday, and my social media feeds were filling with expressions of shocked incredulity. “How is this possible?! Has the world gone completely mad?”

Crossing over, by Mihee Kim-Kort. I need to be regularly and blatantly impressed with the miracle of humanity all around me. To realize the people in front of me are my people and not those people.


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