New today: Children at the grave, black love of black people, blogging the lectionary

March 3, 2016

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 32; Joshua 4:14-242 Corinthians 5:6-15

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Paul Cuffee (Episcopal calendar), Casimir (Catholic calendar), Landry of SéesDaniel of MoscowBernard GilpinFausto Paolo SozziniJohannes ZickAlexander Campbell, Jean Bazaine

New today from the Century

Children at the grave, by Melissa Florer-Bixler. For career day at my daughter's school, I brought pictures of some of the things pastors do. The students were mostly interested in the funerals.

Black love of black people, by Jennifer Harvey. White Christians have to decide: will we show up and act for racial transformation, or will we sit idly by? But BLM isn't waiting to see what our verdict will be.

Enough about the other brother, by Emily C. Heath. Both brothers live inside of us, the responsible one and the prodigal one. It's an uneasy coexistence made worse by the reality that neither is perfect.

Is inequality the problem? by Russell P. Johnson. Where there are ducks, there’s probably a pond; where the wealthiest 400 people in a country have more money than the poorest 150 million, there’s probably greed and exploitation.

A brief review of God Mocks, by Terry Lindvall.

In the news

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