New today: Paul Harvey reviews Gary Dorrien, religious justifications for occupying land, the UCC's new memes

February 3, 2016

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 99; Deuteronomy 9:1-5Acts 3:11-16

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Anskar (Episcopal calendar), Rabanus Maurus, Gioseffo Zarlino, Helen Tobias-Duesberg, Manche Masemola

New today from the Century

Paul Harvey reviews Gary Dorrien’s book The New Abolition. In American history, some lives have mattered; others have not. That difference fundamentally has been a racial one.

Leveraging the land or loving its people? by Scott Culpepper. Maybe Ammon Bundy’s militia is truly motivated by their stated doctrine; maybe this is simply a pretext for more material aims. Either way they exemplify a problematic American tradition.

On throwing the baby Jesus out with the bath water, by Emily C. Heath. The gospel requires us to acknowledge not just who we are, but whose. That’s why we call our denomination the United Church of Christ. And that's why I’m shaken by a recent piece of UCC marketing.

Ash Wednesday,” a poem by Brian Doyle

In the news

Union seminary debates condos on campus

President Obama to American Muslims: 'You fit in here'

Obama pleads for tolerance in first visit to U.S. mosque

In the CCblogs network 

Faces, by Ryan Dueck


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