New today: Tough questions at the church door, Kathryn Blanchard reviews Stan Goff, the most-read Taking Jesus Seriously posts of 2015

December 29, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 147:12-20; 2 Chronicles 1:7-13Mark 13:32-37

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Frances Joseph-Gaudet (Episcopal calendar), Felix I, Job of Manyava, John Francis Regis, Josephine Elizabeth Butler, Jan Steyn

New today from the Century

Questions at the door, by Samuel Wells. One Sunday, I invited people to talk to us pastors about whatever troubled them. So after the service, I had no one to blame but myself.

Kathryn D. Blanchard reviews Stan Goff's book Borderline. The media have been ablaze with stories of police brutality, campus rape, military conflict, and mass murder. Stan Goff insists on a single thread: masculinity.

Like a human being, by Ryan Dueck. Since February, our local group has been preparing for the arrival of families from Syria. But refugee sponsorship is no seamless process.

The most-read Taking Jesus Seriously posts. The most-read posts of the year from Drew Hart's blog include "When white people are never racist," "Jesus allergies," and "How an early church theologian can help us subvert white supremacy."

Sunrise in the underworld,” a poem by Maurice Manning

In the news

Ed Dobson, retired pastor and onetime Moral Majority leader, dies at 65

Eritrean gospel singer tortured for her beliefs tells story

To counter Islam's critics, imam says Muslims need to relearn faith

In the CCblogs network 

Fear, power, and the non-indictment in the murder of Tamir Rice, by Joanna Harader


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