New today: Amy Frykholm talks to Jon Pott, 53 years after the Ole Miss riot, blogging the lectionary

October 1, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 8; Genesis 21:22-34Romans 8:1-11

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Leodegar, Jacquet of Mantua, Antonio Cifra, Pierre de Bérulle

New today from the Century

Books that transform, interview by Amy Frykholm. "Academics tend to think reaching a broader audience means dumbing things down," says former Eerdmans editor Jon Pott. "It has to do instead with the ability to dramatize."

Duncan Gray Jr., 53 years after the Ole Miss riot, by Gary G. Yerkey. In the early '60s, Gray rose to prominence in the civil rights movement. His stance—and attempt to calm a white students' riot over integration—so enraged his Episcopal congregants in Mississippi that half of them left.

Sunday's Coming: A little lower than God? by Hardy Kim. Whether it's an environmentalist or a laissez-faire capitalist, most of our ideas about humanity seem to align with the psalmist's claim that we are in a special way set above the rest of creation.

What’s the difference between family time and sabbath? By MaryAnn McKibben Dana. Invoking the word sabbath acknowledges that God is present and that the things we do during this time can nurture our spiritual lives as well as our sense of family connectedness.

Damayanthi M. A. Niles on a book she likes to teach.

Richard Rosengarten on a book he likes to teach

In the news

Kelly Gissendaner, prison theology studies graduate, executed in Georgia


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