New today: Zachary Moon reviews Nancy Sherman, the editors on the refugee crisis, Carol Howard Merritt talks to Frank Schaefer

September 13, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 119:169-176; 1 Kings 13:1-10Romans 3:9-20

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Holy Cross (Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic calendars), CyprianJohn Chrysostom, Albert AvogadroJohn Harvard

New today from the Century

Zachary Moon reviews Nancy Sherman's book Afterwar. Sherman's message is clear: society must understand the totality of human experiences of war, including their moral dimensions.

Loving the refugee, by the editors. The wrenching dislocations of World War II were often pitilessly ignored by the world. What story will be told of our time, and of us?

God Complex Radio hosts Frank Schaefer, by Carol Howard Merritt. In 2013, Schaefer was tried by a United Methodist court for officiating at his son’s same-sex marriage. I spoke to him about the upcoming General Conference.

In the news

Refugee crisis: Israelis invoke Holocaust as they debate how to respond

In aftermath of Ebola, Sierra Leone finds forgiveness is a powerful resource

British Parliament rejects controversial right-to-die bill

In the CCblogs network 

Theology better training in management than an MBA? by Steve Hayes


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