New today: M. T. Dávila reviews Kelly Brown Douglas, the story of Isaac and Ishmael as a source of hope, who's going to teach religion?

September 22, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 139:1-18; Jeremiah 1:4-19John 8:21-38

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Pio of Pietrelcina (Catholic calendar), John JewelÉmilie Gamelin

New today from the Century

White space, black lives, by M. T. Dávila. After I received the request to review Kelly Brown Douglas's book, I kept seeing her main thesis displayed in the news.

A rabbi and an imam: The story of Isaac and Ishmael can be a source of hope, by Alana Suskin and Haytham Younis. Today, as Jews end their Yom Kippur fast, Muslims begin the Eid al-Adha holiday. Two clergypeople met for coffee and then exchanged e-mails about a shared story.

Who's going to teach religion? by James Calvin Schaap. Imagine trying to talk about U.S. politics right now and not talking about faith. Imagine talking about world affairs without referring to religion—it can't be done. But how do we teach religion?

Standing with Kelly Gisendaner, by Carol Howard Merritt. I called the Georgia Parole and Pardons Board. Would you? You could save a precious life.

Whatta ya say?” a poem by Warren L. Molton

In the news

As Francis arrives in D.C., fans of all stripes welcome, watch, and wait

Phyllis Tickle, a best-selling author on spirituality, dies at 81

Should Catholic churches keep drilling for oil?

In the CCblogs network 

The problem with self-care, by Rachel Hackenberg

What causes you to sin? by Steve Pankey


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