New today: Dennis O’Brien reviews Stewart Goetz, how a congregation’s soup kitchen started a church, Francis and JP2

September 9, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 116:1-9; Joshua 2:1-14Hebrews 11:17-22

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Alexander Crummell (Episcopal calendar), Charles Spinola and the other martyrs of Japan (Catholic calendar), Nicholas of TolentinoJohn ColetWilliam MorganGerrard WinstanleyIgnacia del Espíritu SantoThomas Hopkins Gallaudet

New today from the Century

Dennis O’Brien reviews Stewart Goetz’s book A Philosophical Walking Tour. Goetz’s book is provocative and carefully argued. But I am puzzled as to why the ordinary reader of C. S. Lewis would be worried about the road not taken.

Soup-kitchen church, by Carol Howard Merritt. One day, a soup kitchen guest named what was happening: church, a worshiping community distinct from the larger congregation.

Another prophetic pope, by Christopher M. Bellitto. Back in 1979, John Paul II spoke of the problems of resource inequality and advocated stewardship of the earth’s resources. No one, then or now, called him a socialist.

Starting seminary? How not to screw it up, by Adam J. Copeland. On some seminary social media channel, an inquisitive person asked, “What’s your advice for our new seminary students?” I couldn’t fit my response in 140 characters.

In the news

Europe's refugee crisis stirs consciences, but responses vary

In the CCblogs network 

What critics get wrong about spirituality, by Jeff Nelson

Peter’s utter reasonableness, by Steve Pankey


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