New today: Community development in Baltimore, televangelists and religious tax exemption, cousins and commitment

August 17, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 36Genesis 45:1-15Acts 7:9-16

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: William Porcher DuBose (Episcopal calendar), Clare of Montefalco.

New today from the Century

Building Baltimore, by Andrew Foster Connors. Every win in our organization's history has come when a diverse group of Baltimoreans got out of their lanes and worked together.

Why is John Oliver's televangelism segment about the IRS? by Steve Thorngate. The government is almost always reluctant to distinguish between naughty churches and nice ones, and for a really good reason.

Cousins, by Beth Merrill Neel. We sit by the creek, sometimes with our parents, with our aunts and uncles, because we know this time is precious and will not last forever.

Dennis Sanders's lectionary column for Sunday, August 30. We looked at Lance Armstrong and saw a guy who beat cancer and won seven Tour de France titles. We saw Bill Cosby as a barrier-­breaking comedian and father figure.


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