New today: Local transformations, J. B. Stump reviews Benjamin Jantzen, on not praying for a while after Charleston

June 21, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 65; Exodus 7:14-24Acts 27:13-38

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Alban (Episcopal calendar), Paulinus of Nola, John Fisher, and Thomas More (Catholic calendar), Innocent V, Matthew Henry, August Froehlich, Mattie Stepanek

New today from the Century

Local transformations, by the editors. We need more than a national conversation about race and policing. We need spiritual and political change at the local level.

J. B. Stump reviews Benjamin C. Jantzen’s book An Introduction to Design Arguments. Many people have an intuition that the natural world shows purpose, order, or providence. Jantzen does a marvelous job analyzing the attempts to turn that intuition into arguments.

With regard to Charleston, by Crystal St. Marie Lewis. I watched my Twitter timeline fill with calls for prayer, all while realizing that we don’t need to talk with God about white supremacy, racism, or gun control. We need to be talking with one another.

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