New today: Out-of-control preaching, seminary graduates and their future, LaVonne Neff reviews Anne Tyler

April 21, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 150Proverbs 9:1-6Mark 16:9-18

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: John Muir and Hudson Stuck (Episcopal calendar), CaiusAgapetus IPeter III of RaqqaTheodore of SykeonGregory V of ConstantinopleMircea EliadeJane KenyonMaggie Kuhn

New today from the Century

Timothy Renick reviews Marie Gottschalk's book Caught. Gottschalk describes an American penal system that has all but abandoned any real attempt to rehabilitate its inmates.

Commencement strategy, by M. Craig Barnes. There is much hand-wringing about the future of theological education. Yet graduates still follow the Spirit's call into some form of ministry.

LaVonne Neff reviews Anne Tyler's book A Spool of Blue Thread. Tyler's 20th novel is, like her previous 19, about a mildly dysfunctional Baltimore family of loyal yet infuriating people who love one another, but not always helpfully.

Lectionary Column for May 3, Fifth Sunday of Easter (subscription required), by Susan Palo Cherwien. The more I look at this text in chapter 15 and contemplate its placement in John’s Gospel, the more I come to believe that it is associated with the Lord’s Supper—and with the community gathered around Christ.

When preaching is out of control, by William H. Willimon. In order to prepare our sermons well, we need a fairly clear idea of our intentions. But in preaching there can be a huge gap between intention and result.

Doctrine of Discovery, by Carol Howard Merritt. Mark Charles, the son of a Navajo man who lives on a Navajo reservation, writes and speaks with a hope of forging peace through racial reconciliation.

Taking the measure of the culture wars, by Richard A. Kauffman. LGBT equality and abortion have been the hot-button issues of the culture wars for several decades. We're now getting a sense of how those wars are playing out.

In the news

Women of the Wall pluck Torah scroll across partition to women’s section

In Israel’s army, more officers are now religious

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The aunt asked a question, by Larry Patten


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