New today: Rebecca Todd Peters reviews Michael Northcott, blogging the lectionary, a church's builders

February 23, 2015

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 77; Job 5:8-271 Peter 3:8-18a

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Matthias the Apostle (Episcopal and Catholic calendars), Matthias Weckmann, Marc-Antoine CharpentierTheodore Marier

New today from the Century

Rebecca Todd Peters reviews Michael Northcott's book A Political Theology of Climate Change. Many Americans dismiss climate change reports as fear mongering. Michael Northcott sees the use of apocalyptic imagery differently.

Blogging Toward Sunday: The Son of Man must be killed by humans, by Paul Nuechterlein. It takes centuries, even millennia, for those in covenant with God to see and hear who God truly is.

The builders, by Susan M. Reisert. As the congregation I serve celebrates its 225th anniversary, there’s an element that taps into my worrying place. It has highlighted one of the greatest challenges of how to think about the church of the future—the relatively near future.

In the news

Italy and Vatican on guard after threat from Islamic State

Southern Baptists try to diversify churches

Boko Haram insurgency takes economic toll on Nigeria's neighbors

In the CCblogs network 

Lent 6 (Let time stand still), by Rachel Hackenberg

Final kiln at Nan’s, by Deborah Lewis


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