New today: A history of pickles, what body cameras can't solve, Advent lessons from pregnant women

December 4, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13; Jeremiah 1:4-10Acts 11:19-26

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Clement of Alexandria (Episcopal calendar), Johann Friedrich Fasch, Phillis Wheatley, Wolfgang Amadeus MozartIgnatius IV of Antioch

New today from the Century

Pickles: A history, by Carol Zaleski. Social microhistories can capture big ideas. I’d like to write one on pickles, which are as fundamental to civilization as anything in Chesterton’s pockets.

Phil Waite reviews David Keck’s book Healthy Churches, Faithful Pastors. David Keck offers a refreshing addition to the conversation about vocational expectations. Eugene Peterson’s vision of holiness resonates with Keck, but Keck takes a different tack.

What body cameras can't solve, by Matt Gaventa. It would be so convenient if technology could allow us to escape our own moral complexities. But technology can only have the moral character of the sinful human beings who operate it.

Advent lessons from the pregnant women, by Susan M. Reisert. As I suspect both Mary and Elizabeth experienced, pregnancy can be wondrous, but it can also be uncomfortable. The realities of pregnancy and giving birth are great resources in helping us understand what it means to be people of faith.

It's time we stop washing our hands, by Carol Howard Merritt. When a black boy or man gets shot, there's a rush to discredit the person of color. We talk about black-on-black violence. Why would we do this? Why would we blame the victims?

Unjust policies #BlackLivesMatter: Reflections on Isaiah 10:1-3, by Drew G. I. Hart. The justice system is built on unjust policies. Judgment always tips towards power and away from the oppressed.

Bucolic,” a poem by Muriel Nelson

In the news

Caught between two worlds, Israeli Druze struggle for equality amid rising tensions

After Ferguson and Eric Garner decisions, more white Christians say it’s time to stand with blacks

‘Picturing Mary’ exhibit: More than a Christmas sugar plum


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