New today: To give and to receive, how cafeteria Christians survive the holidays, Voddie Baucham’s assault on black people

December 1, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 79; Micah 4:1-5Revelation 15:1-8

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Nicholas Ferrar (Episcopal calendar); Edmund Campion, Ralph Sherwin, and Alexander Briant (Catholic calendar); Abraham a Sancta Clara; Maurice GreeneCharles de Foucauld

New today from the Century

To give and to receive. Christmas recommendations from Century editors and columnists, including Amy Frykholm, Steve Thorngate, Beth Felker Jones, and Philip Jenkins.

Greg Carey reviews Chris Keith’s book Jesus against the Scribal Elite. Chris Keith sets out to answer two questions. What lay at the heart of the conflict between Jesus and some of the religious authorities of his day? And how, if at all, did Jesus read Israel’s scriptures?

How cafeteria Christians survive the holidays, by Carol Howard Merritt. Many act as if thinking for oneself when it comes to matters of faith is a bad thing. It can become a control issue for us clergy.

Black-on-black violence: Pastor Voddie Baucham’s assault on black people, by Austin Channing Brown, Christena Cleveland, Drew G. I. Hart, and Efrem Smith. No Christian organization should ever participate in dishonoring the image of God in black people, especially at a time when so many black Americans are in pain.

In the news

To fight Ebola, African religious leaders draw safe practices road map

Hobby Lobby president’s Bible curriculum shelved by Oklahoma school district

Pope Francis fails to find common ground in Turkey

In the CCblogs network 

Baby Jesus blog: An Advent study, by Elizabeth Hagan

Peace, peace. But for whom? by Cindy Brandt


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