New today: Two books on narcissism, blogging toward Sunday, (un)gratitude

November 18, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 9:1-14; Job 16:1-21Matthew 24:45-51

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Hilda, abbess of Whitby (Episcopal calendar), Karolina Kózkówna and Rose Philippine Duchesne (Catholic calendar), Cuthbert TunstallPhilip Ledger

New today from the Century

Narcissism is normal, by Eric Miller. David McCullough Jr.’s view of narcissism is a familiar one among the professional classes. As an angle on our age, Elizabeth Lunbeck finds it blinding.

Blogging toward Sunday: Lamb and shepherd, by Martha Moore-Keish. Ezekiel 34:21-22 provides a poignant image of God the shepherd's care for the "least of these." It also recalls the paradox of Jesus, both weak and mighty.

Ministry sucks sometimes, by Tim Graves. I was reminded one Monday, my sabbath day following a week of turbulence, that it is often in the storm that areas for community growth are revealed most clearly.

(Un)Gratitude, by Carol Howard Merritt. I feel ridiculous even writing that word. Memoir. I can barely say it. I swore I would never write one.

A brief review of Here, There and Everywhere, by Anthony Molinaro.

In the news

Church of England formally approves women bishops

Child soldiers enlisted to fight against Islamic State in Syria

Why are Korean missionaries flocking to Kenya?


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