New today: The rise and fall and rise of the NCC, Ayanna Johnson Watkins's favorite books for ministry, renouncing 'the Magic Negro' urge

October 3, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 80:7-15; Jeremiah 2:23-37Philippians 2:14-18; 3:1-4a

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: George Kennedy Allen Bell and John Raleigh Mott (Episcopal calendar), Francis of AssisiGiovanni DiodatiAlberto RamentoChuck Smith

New today from the Century

Gordon Marino reviews Scott Samuelson's The Deepest Human Life. Scott Samuelson invokes poets, novelists, and theologians to defend the dialectical process that Socrates imparted in his elegantly written, impassioned, and sometimes disjointed plea on behalf of philosophy.

The rise and fall and rise of the NCC, by Jacob Lupfer. Like many mainline Protestant institutions, the National Council of Churches has had a rough couple of years. Yet with new leadership and a retooled mission, the NCC is poised to rebound and carries a great deal of promise into the future.

Ayanna Johnson Watkins's favorite books for ministry. While meetings can be founts of creativity, productivity, and brilliant communication, they can also be plodding, demoralizing, and organizationally fatal. 

Renouncing 'the Magic Negro' urge, by Drew G. I. Hart. Black people have always negotiated systems that were not originally intended for their benefit. However, while leveraging these systems the dominant cultural institution can put them on a special platform as the black hero of their community or institution.

I’ve broken all ten, by Larry Patten. I have occasionally given a pop quiz on the Ten Commandments in church classes. The review was enlightening: Which one(s) did you forget? Did you add a new one?

In the news

Fighting horror with humor, Iraqis retaliate against IS

Pope Francis wanted open debate. With clashing cardinals, he’s got it

In the CCblogs network 

Start seeing sacraments, by Laura Kelly Fanucci

Questions and answers, by Ryan Dueck


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