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October 8, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 144; Song of Solomon 8:5-14John 11:45-57

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: William Dwight Porter Bliss and Richard Theodore Ely (Episcopal calendar), Jean de Quen, Andrew Kippis

New today from the Century

Shelf space, by John Buchanan. Recently my wife and I moved, and the time came to decide which books I could live without. I dreaded it.

Jason Byassee reviews J.R. Briggs's Fail. This book's subjects are zealous, good-hearted pastors of all kinds who do things right and still meet our culture’s most dreaded F-word.

Take & Read. Our fall books issue includes scholars' recommendations of the best recently published books in New Testament, global Christianity and American religious history, and practical theology.

How do you know God’s plans for your life? by Elizabeth Hagan. I am often not much help to those who come to me seeking “the answer” to their troubles. But I hope that what I can do as a pastor is to listen, to say what I hear, and hope for the Spirit to make clear what needs to rise up and what needs to fall away.

Blogging Toward Sunday: Reading ourselves reading the Bible, by Stan Saunders. The hyperbole, violence, and abrupt scene changes in Matthew’s parable of the wedding feast have driven most interpreters to treat it allegorically. The most pernicious aspects of this turn on identifying those invited to the feast.

In the news

African church leaders respond to climate change locally, globally

Methodists avoid trial in marriage complaint against 36 pastors

In the CCblogs network 

Some things take a long time to heal, by Beth Merrill Neel

Eight tips for using visuals in worship, by Ruth Everhart


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