New today: The future is Filipino, long healing, three lessons for mainline pastors from Mark Driscoll’s resignation

October 22, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 98; Daniel 6:1-28Matthew 17:22-27

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: John Paul II (Catholic calendar), Hermann WitsiusElisha WilliamsNadia Boulanger

New today from the Century

The future is Filipino, by Philip Jenkins. In January, Pope Francis will visit the Philippines. By 2050, there could be 100 million Catholics there.

Some things take a long time to heal, by Beth Merrill Neel. We were talking about health and mental health the other day in staff meeting, and I asked why mental health issues couldn’t just be called health issues.

Three lessons mainline pastors can take from Mark Driscoll’s resignation, by L. Roger Owens. We feel so distant from Driscoll that we can almost watch with bemused smilesAnd that might keep us for seeing this situation the way we should: as a cautionary tale.

"Adapting in Ethiopia," a poem by Mary M. Brown.

In the news

U.S. cultures, faith groups differ on corporal punishment

Mark Driscoll speaks for first time after resigning Seattle megachurch

In the CCblogs network 

How can we keep from singing? by Gail Irwin

Are your church greeters and ushers trained? by Alan Rudnick


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