New today: Chattanooga's Southside Abbey, making use of abundance, Otis Moss's favorite books for ministry

October 1, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 28Judges 16:23-31Matthew 9:2-8

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Remegius (Episcopal calendar), Thérèse of the Child Jesus (Catholic calendar), John AlcockGiammateo Asola

New today from the Century

Putting away the silver, by Carol Howard Merritt. "After we receive the bread, we're gonna go to the kitchen," he said. "We have cheese pizza tonight."

Edward Blum reviews books on race and the 19th century U.S. by Luke Harlow and David Brion Davis. Why did northern whites support a limited set of rights for blacks during Reconstruction, but then abandon them in the 1870s, and do little to stop the racial violence of the 1880s and beyond? Two new books shed important new light on such questions.

LaSalle Street Church makes use of abundance, by Amy Frykholm. LaSalle Street's elder board took $160,000 from a windfall, and gave everyone in the congregation a check for $500 to use for God’s work in the world.

Look at how we kill you, by David Williams. What struck me, looking at the videos of the armed forces of my nation and those of one of our allies, was that they were a peculiar mirror to the net-circulated videos from a few weeks ago.

Otis Moss's favorite books for ministry.

In the news

Most full-time faculty at Episcopal seminary in conflict with school’s leadership

In Israel, biblical land-use laws call for creative workarounds

In the CCblogs network

Evangelizing the clown, by Amy McCreath


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