New today: A pastor marches in Ferguson, Miguel De La Torre and Gary Dorrien on Resident Aliens at 25, no need for closure

September 17, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 133Genesis 50:22-26Mark 11:20-25

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Hildegard (Lutheran and Episcopal calendars), Robert Bellarmine (Catholic calendar), Heinrich BullingerDred ScottJoseph De Piro

New today from the Century

Marching into danger: Fear and hope in Ferguson, by Shannon Craigo-Snell. "We are not afraid today," we sang as we walked. I turned to the person next to me and whispered, "That's a lie."

This week, a series of reflections on the book Resident Aliens after 25 years. Today:

  • The wrong preferential option, by Miguel De La Torre. I once actually was a resident alien. I wonder if Hauerwas and Willimon have any clue what it means to occupy that space.
  • Unintended aid, by Gary Dorrien. Denigrating "social activist churches" was central to Hauerwas and Willimon's agenda. Yet Resident Aliens revived social gospel arguments.

Why I'm not looking for closure, by Linda Lawrence Hunt. Popular language of closure offers a false hope and adds pressure when living with lifelong loss. Often the subtext is “It’s time to move on.”

Steve Green's museum of the Bible and/or his interpretation of it, by Steve Thorngate. Now there will be a Bible museum just off the Mall, a museum where it appears Hobby Lobby president Steve Green’s claim that the Bible is fundamental to national origins will live alongside other angles on the book.

A lesson on resilience, by L. Gail Irwin. I wonder if churches could learn something from succulent plants about expanding and contracting according to the conditions around them, to maintain life and vitality.

In the news

Historic civil rights church to be considered for national recognition

Yale chaplain’s resignation reflects larger mainline tensions over Israel

In the CCblogs network

How do you know God's plans for your life? by Elizabeth Hagan

The "next big thing" for the progressive church, by Emily C. Heath


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