New today: Chicago's (youth) baseball fever, Brian McLaren and Jennifer McBride on Resident Aliens at 25, blogging the lectionary

September 16, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 133Genesis 49:29-50:14Romans 14:13-15:2

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Cyprian (Lutheran and Catholic calendars), Ninian (Episcopal calendar), Cornelius (Catholic calendar), Cyprian of Moscow, Michael Baius, Anne Bradstreet

New today from the Century

Kids of summer, by John Buchanan. The Cubs and White Sox have some of the worst records in the league. Yet Chicago still went a little crazy over baseball this summer.

This week, a series of reflections on the book Resident Aliens after 25 years. Today:

  • Targeted medicine, by Brian McLaren. The image of a resident alien offers an important biblical corrective. But it isn't the only such image we need.
  • White Protestants aren't aliens, by Jennifer McBride. It is disingenuous to deem ourselves alien to a culture and society we benefit from—a culture and society we created.

Paul's military language, by Bruce K. Modahl. In Philippians 1:21–30, Paul advises his readers to stand firm and strive side by side. The former Roman soldiers living in Philippi would have heard a reference to a Roman military formation.

In the news

Missionary Ebola survivor donates blood to another infected physician

Murdered nuns laid to rest in the Congo as crime investigation continues

Islamic State: Iraqi leaders created the problem and can end it, say Sunnis

In the CCblogs network 

Make the people angry, by Evan D. Garner

3 things my firstborn son taught me about God, by Laura Kelly Fanucci


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