New today: Hauerwas reviews Gerhard Lohfink, white cops occupy a black town, American Christianity in exile?

August 13, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 18:1-19Job 36:24-33; 37:14-24Matthew 8:23-27

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Florence Nightingale and Clara Maass (Lutheran calendar), Jeremy Taylor (Episcopal calendar), Pontian and Hippolytus (Catholic calendar), RadegundJohann Jakob Grynaeus

New today from the Century

Untamed Jesus, by Stanley Hauerwas. In these short talks, Gerhard Lohfink revisits themes from Jesus and Community. His account of Jesus is determinatively eschatological.

A throwback to Birmingham, by Steve Thorngate. It's difficult to imagine police responding to white protesters the way they've responded to black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

How I kissed evangelism goodbye, by Cindy Brandt. The world craves a listening ear. The biggest problem I have with traditional evangelizing is that you enter into a relationship with a prescribed intention, and that stands in the way of listening well.

American Christianity in exile? by Benjamin J. Dueholm. That U.S. commenters are invoking the loaded historical and theological concept of exile has implications for all of us. First and foremost, exile is a real experience, and a violent and heart-wrenching one.

"Church yard: Rebuilding the labyrinth," a poem by Elizabeth Rivers

In the news

Unearthed: Ancient synagogue mosaic yields nonbiblical images

Evangelical leaders plan travel to Israel to signal support

In the CCblogs network 

Good food. Good summer vacation. by Amy McCreath

Scenes from the occupation, by Jonathan Grieser


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