New today: Cuba's future, federal spending and character, finding the light

August 1, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 145:8-9, 14-21Isaiah 51:17-23Romans 9:6-13

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Joseph of Arimathaea (Episcopal calendar), Alphonsus Maria de Liguori (Catholic calendar), Eusebius of VercelliSimon Grynaeus.

New today from the Century

Imagining Cuba's future, by Philip Jenkins. Cuba possesses the conditions often cited to explain Pentecostal growth: rapid social change, economic turmoil, and excluded ethnic groups.

Other federal budget lines that don't address character, by Steve Thorngate. Poor people don’t have a corner on character shortcomings any more than they have one on government largesse.

Finding the light, by Patrick Prag. I slid off the trail and let my daypack fall from my shoulder to the duff below. For the first time in 15 weeks, my soul felt like it was loose, not lassoed by its feet and dragged behind its own horse.


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