New today: Teaching by video, guns and sin, what we honor

June 12, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 8Job 38:1-112 Timothy 1:8-12a

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: First Ecumenical Council (Lutheran calendar), Enmegahbowh (Episcopal calendar), Medgar Evers

New today from the Century

Lights, camera, teach, by Beth Felker Jones. In adapting my course for video, I had to learn to bridge the distance between me and students I couldn't imagine, let alone see.

Amy Plantinga Pauw reviews Eberhard Busch's book Drawn to Freedom. In this long, freewheeling conversation with the Heidelberg Catechism, Busch sometimes uses it for leverage against distortions in the contemporary church, and sometimes challenges its assumptions.

Sinner-saints with guns, by Steve Thorngate. It's hard for any of us to be consistently good. And access to guns makes it far easier for someone's failure to be good to result in serious harm to others.

What's honored in a country will be cultivated there, by Carol Howard Merritt. The age breakdown of the Presbyterian Church's General Assembly is nothing short of horrendous. What can we do about it?

Stop and start, by Ryan Dueck. Every so often when I'm working on a sermon, it occurs to me what a laughable, horrifyingly presumptuous thing it is to get up in front of a group of people and presume to speak on behalf of or about God.

In the news

Southern Baptists pray for ‘favorable’ Hobby Lobby ruling

Union Seminary pulls investments from the ‘sin’ of fossil fuels

At Angelina Jolie-chaired summit, faith leaders work to end sexual violence

In the CCblogs network 

Jesus Is ________, by James F. McGrath

To go doesn’t mean a leisurely trip, by Steve Pankey


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