New today: Saudi students, confirmation, Maya Angelou unsanitized

June 4, 2014

Daily lectionary readings: Psalm 991 Kings 8:54-65John 3:31-36

Saints, commemorations, and other witnesses from the cloud: Quirinus of Sescia and Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad (Catholic calendar), Francis Caracciolo

New today from the Century

Faith under scrutiny: My semester teaching Saudis, by Kendra Weddle Irons. The faculty heard about a large influx of Saudi students on campus. I didn't expect to find them all in my world religions class.

Faith confirmed, by John M. Buchanan. Our granddaughter's uncertainty about confirmation was typical and appropriate. After eight months of class, though, she told me she had decided to declare her faith.

Maya Angelou and the art of the outcast, by Yolanda Pierce. Maya Angelou the former sex worker, teen mother, and stripper is the same Angelou who dined with presidents, taught at prestigious schools, and received the nation's honors and accolades.

Twice as good vs. thrice as fast, by Steve Thorngate. What Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic is after is a genuine reckoning with the deep racism that's helped build America—with collective, structural sins against black people. Such a reckoning is long overdue.

In the news

ANALYSIS: 5 reasons gay marriage is winning

Embroiled over Israel, Presbyterians invite a rabbi to the pulpit

In the CCblogs network 

Post-Christendom youth ministry, by John Vest

Counting the children, by Rebecca Kirkpatrick


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